Feelings & Emotions Mega Bundle (Games, Activities, Worksheets)

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Learning to identify and label our emotions is an important milestone in our kids' social and emotional development.

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The EMOTIONS BUNDLE contains FOUR great products that will help kids with this task (at a discounted price!):

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Emotions flashcards are also often referred to as feelings flashcards or emotions cards.

Each emotion flashcard presents a visual representation of a specific emotion (pictures, illustrations, pictograms, or emoticons), a label stating the name of that emotion, and a definition or description of the emotion presented.

An emotion flashcard serves as an aid in learning to identify, label, and even express different emotions.

These flashcards include the following emotions and their definitions:

  • Happy, Grateful, Proud, Excited, Loved, Sad, Lonely, Sorry, Hurt, Disappointed, Guilty, Surprised, Shocked, Scared, Shy, Anxious, Worried, Angry, Upset, Bored, Embarrassed, Jealous, Overwhelmed, Disgusted, Tired, Confused


Basic emotions are the first emotions we develop. By eight or nine months, a baby already demonstrates a repertoire of emotional expressions that includes disgust, joy, sadness, anger, surprise, and fear. 

In this product, we will describe and depict the six basic emotions:

Part 1: Worksheets

  • Emotions & Facial Expression
    Facial expressions are an essential communication channel that allows us to infer other people’s emotional states and intentions.
    The worksheets include:
    • Child-friendly checklist of main facial muscle groups involved in each emotion to work on emotions facial recognition. 
    • Children's characters illustrating each emotion and prompts to fill in the information (two versions: color and black and white)
  • Emotions in Our Mind & Body

Part 2: Activities

  • Emotions Printable Puzzles
    • 6 Basic Emotions Printable Puzzle with two ideas on how to use them
  • Emotions Wheel Activity


25 Games and activities for your emotional explorers organized in three themes:

  • Expanding Emotional Vocabulary: Activities that help kids broaden their emotional vocabulary
    • Word Search (6 Different puzzles: happiness words, sadness words, anger words, fear words, surprise words, disgust words)
    • Feelings Crossword Puzzle
    • Emotions Word Scramble
    • Spot the Feelings Words
    • Synonyms challenge
    • Connect to Antonym
    • Emotions Taboo Game
    • My Mixed Feelings Activity
    • A to Z Emotions
    • Connect the feelings
  • Expressing Our Emotions: Activities to encourage understanding and expression of emotions through creativity and play.
    • Feelings Spinning Wheel
    • Emotions Role-Play
    • Feelings Charades
    • Feelings Check-In
    • Feelings Thermometer
  • Fun Feeling-Themed Games & Activities
    • Feelings Fortune Teller
    • Emotions Sudoku
    • Count, Color, and Graph
    • I-Spy
    • Decode an Emotion Message
    • Acrostic Poems
    • Feelings Scavenger Hunt
    • Feelings Pictionary
    • Feelings Bingo
    • Coloring pages

Feelings Expedition will bring you fun, smiles, and valuable emotional growth!


Roll, poke, flatten, shape. Let’s give those little hands something really fun to do, while we help them build social and emotional skills. 

In this product, you will find:

  • 14 Playdough Mats (Blank faces labeled with different feelings)
  • 1 Emotion labeling activity

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