Feelings Expedition: 25 Fun Feelings Activities for Kids

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Feelings Expedition: Hours of Entertainment and Emotional Exploration for Kids!

(DEAL ALERT: This product is also included in the EMOTIONS MEGA BUNDLE)

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25 Games and activities for your emotional explorers organized in three themes:

  • Expanding Emotional Vocabulary: Activities that help kids broaden their emotional vocabulary
    • Word Search (6 Different puzzles: happiness words, sadness words, anger words, fear words, surprise words, disgust words)
    • Feelings Crossword Puzzle
    • Emotions Word Scramble
    • Spot the Feelings Words
    • Synonyms challenge
    • Connect to Antonym
    • Emotions Taboo Game
    • My Mixed Feelings Activity
    • A to Z Emotions
    • Connect the feelings
  • Expressing Our Emotions: Activities to encourage understanding and expression of emotions through creativity and play.
    • Feelings Spinning Wheel
    • Emotions Role-Play
    • Feelings Charades
    • Feelings Check-In
    • Feelings Thermometer
  • Fun Feeling-Themed Games & Activities
    • Feelings Fortune Teller
    • Emotions Sudoku
    • Count, Color, and Graph
    • I-Spy
    • Decode an Emotion Message
    • Acrostic Poems
    • Feelings Scavenger Hunt
    • Feelings Pictionary
    • Feelings Bingo
    • Coloring pages

Feelings Expedition will bring you fun, smiles, and valuable emotional growth!

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