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Emotions flashcards are also often referred to as feelings flashcards or emotions cards.

Each emotion flashcard presents a visual representation of a specific emotion (pictures, illustrations, pictograms, or emoticons), a label stating the name of that emotion, and a definition or description of the emotion presented.

An emotion flashcard serves as an aid in learning to identify, label, and even express different emotions.

All kids can benefit from the aid that visual clues in the feelings flashcard provide, but they are especially useful for:

  • Toddlers and younger kids
  • Kids who have difficulties identifying other people’s emotions or their own
  • Kids who have difficulties expressing feelings
  • Kids who do not communicate verbally

There are several different ways to make the most out of your flashcards (as prompts to express feelings, conversation starters, games).

These flashcards include the following emotions and definitions:

  • Happy – Feeling joy or pleasure. Other words that can also describe a happy kid: cheerful, delighted, joyful, or pleased.
  • Grateful – Feeling thankful for the good things in our lives. Feeling thankful for the kind things somebody has done to us.
  • Proud - Feeling pleased and worthy because of something that you created or accomplished. Feeling pleased about other people’s accomplishments
  • Excited- Feeling thrilled, full of emotions or feelings.
  • Loved - feeling we receive deep affection or strong liking, we are dear and cared for
  • Sad - Feeling unhappy or sorrowful.
  • Lonely – Feeling alone and without company
  • Sorry –Feeling regret for something you have said or done
  • Hurt –To suffer or have painful feelings
  • Disappointed – Feeling unhappy because your hopes, wishes, or goals have not happened
  • Guilty – Feeling bad about something we have done
  • Surprised – Feeling startled or amazed about something unexpected.
  • Shocked – A sudden and powerful scare or surprise
  • Scared - Feeling fear or afraid
  • Shy - Not feeling comfortable around people. Not wanting to call attention to oneself
  • Anxious - Feeling worried, nervous, or afraid about something uncertain
  • Worried - Feeling troubled or uneasy about something that might happen or has happened.
  • Angry – Feeling a strong annoyance about something or someone that has caused us pain, injustice, wrong, or offense.
  • Upset – Feeling disturbed or bothered.
  • Bored - Feeling restless or fed up about something that is not interesting
  • Embarrassed - Feeling uncomfortable because of shame or receiving too much attention from others.
  • Jealous - Feeling afraid of losing someone's love or attention to another person.
  • Overwhelmed – Feeling completely defeated by or burdened with something that feels too big to deal with
  • Disgusted – Feeling a strong horror or dislike caused especially by something sickening or evil.
  • Tired - Feeling that your body or mind needs to rest, take a break, or sleep.
  • Confused - Feeling that you can't think clearly, make sense of things, or understand what is happening or what somebody is saying.
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