Teen Anger Management Toolkit (The Cool Teen Toolkit)

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Is your teenager struggling with anger?
Are you a concerned parent, educator, or guardian?

No matter who you are, if you're looking to help your teen understand, process, and manage anger in a healthier way, you've come to the right place.

💡 Highlights of the Anger Toolkit for Teens:

The Cool TEEN Toolkit is our most comprehensive resource for anger management and coping skills development for TEENS.

It aims to help your young person develop healthy coping strategies for anger.

The Cool Teen Toolkit helps:

  • Understand the emotion of anger:
    • What anger is
    • Anger triggers
    • Anger signs
    • Anger behavior/ responses
  • Learn healthy anger coping strategies and understand why those strategies work:
    • Problem-solving
    • Journaling
    • Self-instructions
    • Asking for help/sharing
    • Breathing techniques
    • Relaxation strategies
    • Dealing with our thoughts
    • Taking breaks
    • Burning out anger
    • Sensory strategies
    • Yoga

Anger journaling pages facilitate practicing different strategies and reflecting on what works best for your kid.

A set of calm-down cards facilitates the implementation of the different strategies.

✨ Benefits when we manage to cope with our anger in healthy ways:

  • Improved Emotional Regulation: We learn to recognize the signs and triggers of anger, helping us respond rather than react.
  • Better Relationships: We cultivate healthier interactions with family, friends, and peers.
  • Increased Self-Awareness: We dive deep into understanding our emotions and why we feel the way we do.
  • Achievement & Success: We navigate challenges in school, sports, and personal life with a clear mind.
  • Build Resilience: We face adversity with strength, understanding, and grace.

🔍 What Makes This Toolkit Unique?

  • Teen-Centric: Designed keeping the unique challenges and scenarios teens face in mind.
  • Research-Backed: Every strategy and tool is rooted in proven psychological research and expert advice.
  • Engaging: Say goodbye to boring lectures! Dive into fun, hands-on activities and resources.
  • Lifetime Journey: Your journey doesn’t end after one use. Revisit the toolkit as you grow and face new challenges.

Remember, it's not about suppressing anger but understanding and managing it. Your emotions are valid, and with the right tools, you can navigate them in a way that benefits you and those around you. Grab your toolkit and start your transformative journey now!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Tracye P.L.
    My Kiddos are already benefiting from this toolkit!

    This work has helped with teaching about anger management.


    Great tool to use with kids