Calming Box / Calm-Down Corner Easy Guide (Printable)

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Are you a parent or teacher looking for effective tools to help children manage their emotions? Look no further! Introducing "A Mini Guide to Calm-Down Boxes and Calm-Down Corners," your go-to resource for nurturing emotional well-being in children.

Inside this helpful (printable) mini guide, you'll find strategies and practical tips to create calming spaces that work wonders for kids dealing with stress, anxiety, or overwhelming emotions. Whether you're a teacher aiming to foster a peaceful classroom or a parent seeking harmony at home, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to empower children with emotional resilience.

  • Learn how to assess the best items for your students'/kids' calm-down box
  • Read ideas on introducing it to the classroom
  • Learn how to organize a calm-down corner
  • Explore ideas on managing your corner (calm-down corner rules)
  • Bonus: Explore some social-emotional learning resources to add to your calming toolkit.