CONFIDENT TEEN Journal (Printable Workbook)

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A CONFIDENT TEEN (PRINTABLE) JOURNAL: Confidence Toolkit for Teens

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Does your teenager often say, “I'm not good enough” or “I can't do this” about stuff you they haven’t even tried? Do they overstress about “messing up” or embarrassing themselves? Do they worry that their friends will ditch you for someone cooler? Do they feel like they're not as smart, talented, or as good as other people in their squad?

Maybe it’s time to boost that self-love and own their awesome!

The Confident Teen Journal might be the first step to a more empowered future.

Help your teenager start a journey of self-discovery that will nurture their confidence and self-esteem.

The Confident TEEN Journal is a beautifully designed workbook for teens (and a mini ebook for caregivers) that navigates essential aspects to help your young person in the journey to self-confidence.

The Confident Kid (Printable) Journal will guide your teen through worksheets and activities that can explore:

  • Feeling loved and connected
  • Developing a sense of competence
  • Becoming more independent
  • Dealing with negative thoughts

There are two parts to this journal/workbook:

  • A mini-guide for parents/caregivers/teachers
  • A teen workbook featuring a variety of engaging worksheets covering important topics such as:
    • Emphasizing the significance of love and connection in our lives.
    • Navigating the challenges of online pressure and cultivating healthy digital habits.
    • Understanding and embracing our unique strengths and weaknesses as part of personal growth.
    • Embracing mistakes as valuable learning opportunities on our journey to self-improvement.
    • Defining the characteristics of genuine friendship and fostering healthy relationships.
    • Learning the art of giving and receiving compliments to boost self-esteem and strengthen social bonds.
    • Developing assertive communication skills for effective expression and boundary-setting.
    • Incorporating kindness into daily life to foster a positive environment and enhance well-being.
    • Exploring strategies to manage and regulate intense emotions in various situations.
    • Practical tips and techniques to enhance academic competence and achieve academic goals.

 Are you ready for a confidence boost?

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